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Visual Skills Evaluation & Therapy

Achieve better academic, work, and athletic success

through optimal visual skills. 


Functional Visual Skills Evaluation:

20/20 is a good start, but without good visual skills, you can still have difficulty reading, writing, and processing information. 

80% of learning is done through vision.  Children who are struggling in school or have ADHD may have undiagnosed vision problems, making it difficult for them to achieve their full potential.  

Poor visual skills can have a profound effect on school and work performance, and can result in symptoms such as headaches, fatigue associated with reading and computer use, blurred vision, poor reading comprehension, avoidance of near work, poor depth perception and double vision.


A Functional Visual Skills Evaluation assesses multiple aspects of the visual system, including:​

  •  Coordination (how the eyes work together)

  •  Focusing (ability to maintain clear vision)

  •  Tracking (ability to smoothly and accurately move the eyes)

  •  Visual processing (ability to understand what is seen)


Any deficits will be addressed and

a personalized treatment plan will be developed.


Neuro-Visual Therapy:

An individualized program is designed to improve deficient visual skills by strengthening the eye/brain connection.  Enhancement of visual skills enables individuals to see more clearly and comfortably, as well as process information more efficiently.  Upon completion of the program, visual problems interfering with reading, learning and work performance will be resolved.


All Assessments and Therapy Sessions

are done one-on-one with Dr. Kalicki.

Post Concussion Vision Syndrome Therapy:

Visual Skills can be affected after a concussion.  30% of concussion sufferers have visual related problems that do not resolve.  After a Visual Skills Evaluation, a personalized program will be designed to eliminate persistent visual deficits and reduce symptoms.

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